Resident Evil 4 aka Biohazard Reviews

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 aka Biohazard is a survival horror game developed by Capcom in 2005.

Quick Synopsis :

The game introduces Leo S Kenny recounting the events that preceded in the first three sequels. He narrates how 6years ago after his involvement in the Racoon city affair, he was sent in a rescue operation to retrieve the U.S. president’s daughter Ashley Graham who’s been captured by an unknown cult group. Leon is accompanied by two police officers in a rural village in Spain.

Upon his arrival he is sent alone to roam the region and question some of the inhabitants about Ashley and whether or not any one has seen her. Unaware of the danger he is stepping in, one of the infected villagers’ attacks Leon in an attempt to kill him. As self-defense, Leon kills the villager and as he escapes the house, he sees the two police officers who have escorted him fleeing for their life as a mob of zombies swamp the region. At this stage, Agent S Kennedy realizes that the townsmen who live there are contaminated by a virus that rendered them demented and out of their mind. He also learns that these villagers pledged their lives in service for the Los Illuminados.

The virus that has infected them targets the brain which disseminates a parasite “Los Plagas” that controls the mind. Gathered together to kill Leon, the villagers raid the house; this is where your shooting skills and your survival is tested. Fortunately, Ada Wong comes in and saves you skin as she lures the zombies by ringing the church bell. The townsmen seem to shift their attention to the bell ringing, walk towards the church and hence abandon Leon. This renders Agent Leon bewildered and unable to comprehend what is going on.

Unfortunately, Leon will encounter another raid attack once again, only this time the brave policeman is faced with a gigantic boulder trying to crash him down. Villagers will continuously attempt to attack him so be prepared and keep your eyes wide open because RE4 is swamped by jump scares. As you roam the village further, Leon gets to meet a captive under the name of Luis Sera in an abandoned building. Once more, Leon is attacked by another group of infected villagers only this time they are accompanied by their leader “Bitorez Mendez”. At this stage, you will have to defeat your first boss fight. Unlikely for Leon, “the Big Cheese” easily manages to capture Leon and inject the Los Plagas virus while he is unconscious. As he awakens, Leon finds himself tied back-to-back with Luis. The two became friends as they found commonalities. Suddenly, one of the villagers wields an axe towards the two officers, but luckily, they managed to dodge the attack which led to their freedom. Luis unveiled some information concerning Ashley’s location and from there Leon embarked on the rescue mission.

This is but a small synopsis reciting some of the plot in the game and also includes a lot of spoilers, so read at your own risk! For more infos please take a look at the fandom page.The game is horrendously scary, and as you progress further, levels will get trickier, you get to solve puzzles, and fight tougher bosses.

Resident Evil 4 brings to the table a very classic but unique gameplay that is filled with plot twists and serendipity moments which renders the experience a lot more interesting.

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