Nostalgic Games (3) : Assassins Creed: 2007


Assassins Creed is an open world stealth adventure game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft in 2007 for Xbox360, PlayStation 3 and PC.


Amidst the chaos in Jerusalem in the 12th Century, a creed of brotherhood -United together as warriors- come to power against all evil. In a mission to secure the Holy Land from crusaders and outcasts, these shrouded assassins arise in unity spreading fear towards their enemies and are ready to fight against all odds.


The game centres around the use of the Animus and its ability to let Desmond Miles relive the memories of his ancestors. This piece of machinery allows its user to see the genetic souvenirs of his predecessors. Desmond Miles is a bartender who incarnates as Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad who was a citizen of the Holy Land and lived there during the Third Crusade. Turbulence, turmoil, upheaval, and social instability struck as two opposing factions rose against each other. The Knights Templar: also known as the Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, is a mythical shadow government and the sworn enemy of The Assassin Brotherhood.

These two factions grew hostile towards one another due to different values and beliefs. Assassins believe that utopia can be achieved through the indoctrination of virtue, tolerance, and mutual understanding. Templars on the other hand, insist that human nature is weakened by corruption and is most likely to fall under that umbrella. Hence, for them the key to overcome such tyranny is through the imposition of a new world order. True peace and tranquillity are only secured if society abides by their rule.


These opposing beliefs led to the ongoing war between the Templars and the Assassins which continued to the modern era. A more dangerous culprit which worsened this conflict is the battle for the Piece of Eden.


The Levantine Assassin is commissioned to rise through the ranks of the Assassin Order through the completion of a list of assassinations given by Al Mualim, Leader of the Order. Thus, Altaïr travels from Masyaf towards the cities of the Holy Land, Jerusalem, Acre, and Damascus. Upon his arrival, the hooded assassin must locate the local Rafiq’s bureau to discuss and gain further knowledge about his target. Additional knowledge can be acquired through a series of eavesdropping, interrogation, and gathering important items from informants. After completing his task, Altaïr goes back to Masyaf to cross-examine details with Al Mualim and is afterwards rewarded with enhanced equipment.


Another crucial requirement from Desmond is to direct the assassin to high points in the city in order to expand synchronization throughout his surroundings as well as map out the current location he is in. Aside from the main memories, the Assassin can also indulge in secondary memories that include killing Templars, rescuing innocent citizens, and collecting flags.
Stealth is measured through a meter to inform Altaïr about his surroundings and alert him if any threats are coming his way.


If an area is high alert, the logo up above becomes red indicating that the player is noticed and known. He will be equipped with a hidden blame for more stealthy attacks. He can also hide in piles of wheat to throw off the guards and become incognito again.


Overall, The game offers a wide range of possibilities, from stealthy assassinations, free-running and sprinting and jumping, to rescuing citizens, stealing money and blades, and much more. Explore the vast cities of the Holy Land and discover chests and many hidden items that will boost you up.
Fight the evil and become the saviour of the Holy Land.

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