Nostalgic Games (2): The Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim



Skyrim is the fifth instalment of the TES series developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Networks. This role-playing adventure/action game takes place approximately 200 years following the events of its previous sequel Oblivion and is located in the province of Skyrim. It features the dynamic of Radiant A.I. and Radiant storytelling which henceforth forges a more distinctive and a nonconformist experience based on the player’s past actions and decisions. The plot narrates the incident of the high king’s murder and the eruption of a civil war between two factions: The Storm cloaks and the Imperials. The former decided to separate itself from the Cyrodilic empire while the latter wishes to stay intact.

The Elder Scrolls prophesied the return of dragons under the rule of the God of destruction; Alduin, and thereby deteriorated this schism between the two forces. In the beginning, the player wakes up to find themselves tied up in a wagon with other citizens heading for the executioner’s block after being detected with the Stormcloaks in a camouflage by Imperials.


In an attempt to behead you, a sudden shout starts to echo back and forth signalling an upcoming attack. It is a dragon crashing through the walls of Helgen breathing out burning flames and destroying the entire land. In the midst of this chaos, the player will get assistance from either Ralof, a Nord and a member of the Stormcloak rebellion, or Hadvar, an imperial soldier who will read off the prisoners’ names from the execution list. They will assist you in your escape to survive the dragon attack and make your way towards Jarl Balgruuf the Greater. After gaining his trust and favour, the player has to fight off the dragon, which will then unveil the truth; that He or she is Dovahkiin or the Dragonborn, the hero who is charged with vanquishing Alduin and the dragons. During his quest to seek the ultimate truth and wisdom from the ancient, the dragonborn will encounter Delphine and Esbern, the two remaining Blades, and become a student of the Greybeards.

Setting and atmosphere:

Skyrim is located in the northern region of Tamriel, known as Starry Heart of Dawn’s Beauty. The province geographically consists of a set of mountains, pine forests, dungeons, snowy wasteland, rural regions, and arctic plains. Although considered the least populated in all of the Tamrielic regions, the province is supplemented with other communities and villages scattered throughout the land along with large swaths of wastes dividing them all.

Monsters and Creatures:

Skyrim has a varied number of beasts and has added Giants, Frost Trolls, Mammoths, Frostbite Spiders, Ice Wraiths, Hagravens, and of course Dragons.


Travel: Landscapes can be either freely roamed on foot, by hoarse or using the fast travel to transport between locations.
Skills: There are a total of 18 skills you can level up. Some skills are mainly for combat purposes; The one/two handed, archery, block, and heavy armor. Other sets of skills are more passive and are generally used for crafting such as Smithing or Enchanting, stealth such as pickpocketing etc. Levelling up occurs when you raise the skill bar of one of the 18 skills. Of course, your major skill sets will level you up much faster than your secondary skills.


The traditional class system has been discarded in Skyrim therefore offers players to a free-form system that is based on the perk system. Each level you will get to have 1 perk and unlock a special ability in the skill tree.

Combat Equipment: Players can craft their own set of armor and weapons at a local smith’s forge, if the dragonborn possesses the required skill and perk. The higher your skill level is, the more powerful your equipment will get as you boosted it with needed materials.
We cannot consider Skyrim a TES game if we do not include the magical abilities, the spells, and all that arcane craft into our stew. The dragonborn can either opt for a warrior build, a thief, an archer, necromancer, or a mage build. The mage or the sorcerer will get to learn spells and acquire the prerequisite knowledge in order to master the arcane art.
Races, Classes, birth signs: As any RPG you get to choose from a varied set of choices for your preferred build.
Skyrim is an open world game that offers players and exquisite experience loaded with choices, puzzles, lifestyles, and intriguing stories.

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