Nostalgic Games (1): Fallout 3

fallout 3

In a vast wasted land inhabited by mutated abominations, ghouls, large insects, and half mutated humans, survival is the only remaining instrument and nothing else matters.
In a world where dogs eat dogs, people fight each other as a defence mechanism, fractionated creeds, and other groups divided throughout the wasteland, loyalty and bravery become scarce. Endurance, strength, agility, intelligence, along with charisma and a bit of luck will aid you during your quest to save the world, but most of all, save your own skin.

Fallout 3 is a post-apocalyptic RPG action/adventure game where it takes you to the destroyed and ruined cities of the wasteland. After an atomic bomb has been defused resulting in horrific mutations, contaminated water and food, and large-scale radiation camps, living there has been a nightmare.

In the beginning you get to create your character from scratch; choose your own race, age, sex, and other customized features. The story has quite a unique touch to it. The scene begins with your birth where you get a first glimpse of your father then announce your gender. After you finish customizing your character, you take spawn as a baby where you get to explore throughout your rooms, choose your special set of skills and devote about 5 points of your choice to your preferred skill. The prologue is all in all a tutorial where you get to roam vault 101.

The fun part of this game that rendered it more intriguing is the fact that you observe yourself as you grow from a baby boy/girl towards a 16-year-old teenager all the way to adulthood.
Developers have combined science-fiction with reality to come up with a bilateral admixture of imagined vs real.

As you grow a bit older, your father throws you a birthday party where you get the opportunity to meet your friends, colleagues, and even your foes. That is not all! At the age of 16, every vault-tec citizen is required to take the G.O.A.T (Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test) during the Future Imperfect Quest. The G.O.A.T serves to sign the player’s tagged skills.

The lone vault dweller is asked to answer a total of 10 questions which will afterwards befit his suited role as well as his tagged skills. However, the test results are not set-in stone and can be edited in accordance with one’s preference. Players can experiment with the test; either they can apply their own life decisions and how they would act if put in a similar situation. Or they could choose the other way and opt for other alternatives.

Along with the skills menu, each level-up will grant the player to choose 1 perk. It is important however to focus and choose wisely each perk because the lone wanderer will get to have about 58 perks. Make sure not to squander them to waste. Fallout 3 is a big game, and endless options are possible as players can opt for multiple builds from a berserker swinging axes and blades, a gun master shooting enemy to ground to a stealthy assassin who sneaks their way out or a smooth talker dodging troubles and owning people’s trust and heart. Of course, other options may include the following: critical energy weapons build, unarmed, demolition expert , and vats build.

From none at all to every available weapon in the game, your build is your personal choice so there is no right way to play Fallout and that’s why it is an incredible must play at least once in a lifetime.

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